Making T, T, Tigers

Prep W has some new students…28 cute, little tigers.  As we are learning about letter T this week we coloured and painted some tigers.  Our buddies helped us with the cutting and putting them together so that they can stand up by themselves.  It was heaps of fun.  What other words do you know that start with ‘t’?

4 thoughts on “Making T, T, Tigers

  1. Hi Prep W and Miss Webster
    We love your tigers! They are terrific. We had a brainstorm and here are the ‘t’ words that we know –
    Thomas, Tim, tunnel, talent, tent, tin, telephone, talk, time, timetable, tongue, teeth, TV, toilet, train set, tram, timer, tooth, textas, tea set, text decks, two, to, too, ten, twenty, twelve and Terrence.
    Next week we are learning about ‘t’ so thank you for helping us to get ready!
    Have a great day
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  2. HI Miss W and PW
    You made fantastic tigers with your buddies! You are all terrific. That’s another ‘t’ word.
    Enjoy the long weekend
    mrs mcc

  3. Hi Prep K and Mrs Kennedy,

    Thanks for your lovely comment about our terrific tigers. We are glad that we can help you to learn about ‘t’. Some of our ‘t’ words are: tissues, Taj, Trinity Tessa, Tom Tasha, Tony, Taya, teeth, tap, tent, texta, tiny, three, ten, tent, tiger, twenty. Have fun learning about ‘t’ this week. Hey, we are off to Twilight Sports today – that is another ‘t’ word!

    Love Prep W and Miss W

  4. Taj is just loving having his buddy Jordan. A fantastic program that is a huge benefit to them all…so much fun!

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