Flip a pancake, toss a pancake…catch it if you can!

There was much excitement on Pancake Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday) where we got to eat pancakes in the hall with our friends.  Thank you to all the mums who cooked pancakes for us, they were yummy, yummy, yummy!

Before we went to the hall we learnt about Pancake Tuesday.  Pancake Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday which marks the season of Lent.  The custom of Pancake Tuesday began when housewives would empty their pantries of many foods restricted during Lent.

The season of Lent has it own colour – PURPLE.  When we go to mass during Lent we will see purple on the altar and the priest wears purple too.  Our school motto this year is ‘Live with an Open Heart,’ this theme fits perfectly with how we should focus our efforts during Lent.  To be kind, welcome those around us and to think of others and how we can help them.  We will be participating in Project Compassion which runs during Lent to collect funds for those in need around the world.  For more information see www.caritas.org.au

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2 thoughts on “Flip a pancake, toss a pancake…catch it if you can!

  1. Thanks Liz,

    It was a wonderful, yummy day! Thanks for helping cook the pancakes for us.

    Love Miss W and Prep W

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