3 thoughts on “We are Great Gymnasts!

  1. Dear Prep W, what fantastic things are you learning. The Gymnastics looks fun and its great to see you practising at home. And learning about around the world and cultures, isn’t that fun too. Good work Prep W. Keep the blogs coming.
    Aarav’s mum, Subashni

  2. Dear Subashni,

    Thank you for commenting on our blog post. We have lots of fun at Gymnastics. We have learnt how to do tumbles, handstands on the wall, different jumps and many more things. Our Gymnastics teacher is called Sue.

    Thanks again,
    from Prep W and Miss W

  3. Dear,discovery den

    I have seen all of your cool and fun videos. I think your class is great at making videos. And can you help us reach our gouls witch are reaching 10,000 comments in this week so can you please help us reach our goul thank you



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