Money from Around the Globe

Last week for Show and Tell the students brought in money from around the world as part of our Inquiry Unit, “Our Neighbours Across the Sea!”  We had money from so many different places, it was amazing.  We also collected money for the missions and raised about $80.  It was fun adding up all the money during Maths time.


Aboriginal Art

As part of our Inquiry Unit ‘Our Neighbours Across the Sea’ we have been learning about our own country and lots of other countries around the world.  So far this term for Art we have painted perfect possums, made platypuses, constructed pandas, used collage to make flags and today we decorated our boomerangs with dots.  It was lots of fun and when we ran out of filters we used our fingers!

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We all came from somewhere originally…

Take a look at our slideshow to see us telling our classmates about our cultural background during Show and Tell this week. It was really interesting and exciting to see all the different places that our families have come from over the years.

Some facts:

1. About eight children in the class have passports.

2. Shannon is the only child born in another country and we are so glad she came to live in Australia in 2010!

3. This year students from Prep W have flown to America, Thailand, India, Ireland, New Zealand and Fiji…amazing.

4. Cultural backgrounds in our class – Bosnia, Croatia, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Syria, Poland, India, Thailand, New Zealand, Macedonia, Latvia.

A couple of exciting things have happened this week relating to our unit, ‘Our neighbours Across the Sea.’  Nikola’s dad became an Australian citizen after living here for about 14 years.  Congratulations to Nikola’s Dad!

Milla’s dad went on a work trip to Egypt and brought back lots of interesting things for Milla to show.

Charlotte has been emailing us from Fiji (with photo attachments) where she visited a Fijian school.

Where did your family originate from?

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